Have you been searching for truthful answers on the Book of Revelation?

I have studied Biblical prophecy for more than twenty-five years. As I progressed through my journey to find answers, I felt the need to share what I learned with family and friends, most of whom are professing Christians. However, like most Christians, not all of them wanted to concern themselves with the coming tribulation. I soon discovered links between several Old Testament books, such as Daniel and Ezekiel, and how they were tied to some New Testament books, like Matthew and Revelation. The more that I learned, the more urgent the need to share became. It was becoming clear that our time on Earth is short.

As I delved deeper into the Book of Revelation and began to increase my understanding of eschatology, the picture of the end-times became increasingly clearer to me. This new awareness, prompted me to email friends and family on various topics to elicit a conversation. Unfortunately, most people don’t share my deep interest in eschatology, but I continued to send email after email and only heard crickets in response. “What do I need to do to make them listen?” was a common question that I asked myself.

Then one day, when I was alone in the woods, the answer became clear. I realized that I needed to make the topic of eschatology fun and entertaining. It was then and there that Ford, Samantha, and Zack began to materialize in my mind. The story simply began to pour out of me, so I rushed back to the cabin and began to write. Within a couple of hours, I had already hashed out the first sixty pages of “The Road to Revelation – The Beginning.” Thirty-five days later, I had written a complete draft of book 1. God had shown me how to get the message out to friends and family.

The response to The Road to Revelation was unexpected and has been amazing, so after publishing book 1, I realized that there was more of the story to tell. So I began writing book 2 and soon it became clear that there were six books total.

What questions do you have about The Road to Revelation?

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